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Narcophobia is a joint initiative of the Andrey Rylkov Foundation (Moscow), social art project «ZHIR» (Moscow), Kiss my Ba group (Novosibirsk) and Panda-theatre (Berlin). In October 2011, the project was launched at the «Media-Impact» festival in Moscow in order to draw public attention to police misconduct (planting of drugs) in Russia, and promote public debate on the issue. We say no to war on drug users! We are against using drugs as a tool for political repressions! We support the enforcement of the right to life and the right health!

Anya Sarang (Andrey Rylkov Foundation): harm reduction and human rights in Russia

Our first campaign was an open call to present artwork devoted to repressive police methods used to compromise activists, social artists and human rights advocates by planting drugs on them. The winner was selected through online voting a young artist Arch Genius was awarded with a trip to the Berlin Biennale.

Campaign against planting of drugs at the Opposition March in Moscow

Discourse on drugs in the public space is surrounded with fear and stigma. This omnipresent narcophobia makes it easy to manipulate the society by creating new «public enemies». It also feeds repressive drug policies and diverts public attention from finding real solutions to drug-related and other social problems.

The project aims to support and protect young people who became victims of political repression, and to prevent new victims, to protect freedom of speech, right to fair trial and to promote a more humane drug policy.

We are looking for media support of any kind and welcome collaboration with foundations, institutions, media outlets, civil society organizations working with drug users, human rights advocates, social artists, creators and writers – all those who support us and our project. We are willing to create productive partnerships and join forces to break the silence about drug repressions in Russia! Public debate will guarantee protection for those who have already suffered from police misconduct and prevent such cases in the future.

Contact information
Email: narcophobiapr[@]gmail.com (without square brackets)

P.S. Anya Sarang about «Narcophobia»RUSSIAN VIDEO HERE.

Special Big Big Lemur Thanks for english translation: Katya Smirnova.

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